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Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2020, however, Robert has been pressure washing since he was 12 years old and has about 21 years of experience.

2.       Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed and insured. Our current insurance limits include: $2,000,000 General Liability, $1,000,000 Workers Compensation and $1,000,000 Commercial Auto. 

3.       What type of pressure washing equipment do you use?

We use state of the art equipment that has been installed by the best pressure washing store in the US. Our equipment includes an 8 GPM 3500 PSI Honda GX 690, a P40 Roof Soft Wash System, 20 Inch Surface Cleaner, Remote Downstream Injectors, and much more. 

4.       Can you provide references or reviews from previous customers?

We can provide references upon request! We are proud of our work and our customers are too!

5.       How do you determine the cost of a pressure washing job?

Most commercial jobs are calculated on a per square foot basis, however, most residential jobs are not. The typical range of a residential pressure wash ranges from about $300 - $2000, while most commercial jobs start around $1000 and have no limit on range. 

6.       What is your process for preparing a surface before pressure washing?

When preparing a surface we like to remove all debris, furniture, and anything loose. We then add a pre-treatment to get the organic growth to the top surface. This allows an easy and efficient pressure wash to take place.

7.       Do you offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions?

Yes, most of the products we use are eco-friendly. We can provide an SDS sheet for any chemical used and our process for using that chemical.

8.       Are there any surfaces that you do not pressure wash?

We don’t pressure wash soft surfaces. These include siding, vinyl, stucco, furniture, roof tiles and more. The reason we don’t pressure wash these is because the pressure can cause irreversible damage to the surface. That is why it is important to soft wash those types of surfaces by using a chemical to do the hard work.

9.       Can you provide before and after photos of previous jobs?

Absolutely, we can provide before and after photos for any job you would like. We also have all or most of our content on our google business page. 

10.   How do you handle damage to property during the pressure washing process?

We haven’t come across a situation where we have damaged property because we are very careful. However, if something does go wrong we can handle the process by replacing whatever is damage or by contacting our insurance agency to cover the damage.

11.   Can you pressure wash decks, patios, and outdoor furniture?

You can pressure wash these areas. Most often you don’t want to apply pressure on decks or outdoor furniture. In fact, decks have certain chemicals that are used to clean the wood without applying any pressure at all. Patios can be washed if it is concrete. You can also clean the breezeway of the patio by applying chemical solutions or light pressure. 

12.   How do you ensure safety while pressure washing a property?

We ensure safety by training all of our employees on proper safety measures and making sure we follow our process. Our employees won’t put themselves or our customers at risk ever.

13.   What is the typical turnaround time for a pressure washing job?

Most residential jobs can be done in under a couple hours, while most commercial jobs could take 1 day to several days or even weeks depending on the amount of area needing to be washed.

14.   How do you handle scheduling and rescheduling of pressure washing jobs?

We schedule our appointments directly with the client and handle all reschedules the same way. If something comes up, we are happy to move your appointment around to the next most convenient time for you. If for some reason we are late or can’t make it to a job, we will give the client advanced notice.

15.   Can you pressure wash multi-story buildings?

Yes and we do this quite often. Our biggest book of business are apartment complexes. We’ve been able to wash about 5-6 buildings per day and can finish most complexes in under a week depending on the size.

16.   What is the warranty for your pressure washing services?

Pressure washing is a one time service and doesn’t include a warranty as organic and inorganic growths can form at any time. If for some reason, we miss a spot, we are happy to come back out and finish the job.

17.   Can you pressure wash roofs and gutters?

We like to soft wash roofs as this is the safest and most efficient way to do so. The idea here is to kill all mold and organic growth forming on the roof. Gutters are usually cleaned by blowing them with a leaf blower, by hand, or using a chemical specifically made for gutters. If for some reason the client wants us to pressure wash the inside, we can do so.

18.   Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for your pressure washing services?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

19.   Do you offer any discounts or promotions for pressure washing services?

Occasionally we do offer discounts. This is usually for repeat clients or for large scale projects.

20.   Can you pressure wash commercial properties as well as residential properties?

Yes, most of our business is commercial properties but we love doing residential jobs as well.

21.   Do you offer additional services such as window cleaning or deck staining?

We do offer both services, however, we do not clean the interiors of windows. 

22.   What is the process for preparing a surface after pressure washing?

Our process after pressure washing usually includes a post-treatment spray that kills the remaining growth. You can also request for us to seal the concrete for an additional fee.

23.   Do you have experience pressure washing unique or challenging surfaces?

We have pressure washed just about anything. From bouncy houses, large inflatables, to airport roofs, you name it. 

24.   What type of payment methods do you accept?

We prefer you to pay for your service using the payment link provided with your invoice. However, we do accept checks, cash or zelle.

25.   Do you provide a detailed estimate or quote before starting a job?

We most always provide a detailed estimate before starting a job. Once the estimate is approved, we will put your service on the calendar so that we can get the work order completed.

26.   Can you pressure wash in inclement weather conditions?

Most of the time we like to avoid pressure washing during bad weather as this affects productivity and the safety of our employees and equipment.

27.   Are there any additional fees or charges beyond the original estimate?

There are usually no additional fees or charges beyond the original estimate unless both agreed upon by the client and our company that a fee might arise depending on such unusual circumstances.

28.   How do you communicate with customers during the pressure washing process?

We like to communicate via email, call or text. Most customers have to work during our service which is completely fine. Once the job is complete, we will send you the before and after photos and the invoice link to make payment.

29.   What steps do you take to minimize water waste during pressure washing?

We use only the necessary amount of water for any job and can collect all water waste upon request.

30.   Can you provide a written contract or agreement before starting a job?

All estimates, once accepted, become contracts for work. Once the job is complete, we will send you an invoice for payment.



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